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About The Jean Mone Institute




The Jean Mone Institute was created to provide skills for professionals serving or who wish to serve the population with co-occurring disorders (dual diagnoses: mental health disorder and substance use disorder and/or behavioral addiction). Addressing concerns of healthcare professionals of how to meet the special needs of the co-occurring population, the institute training presents a unique methodology that helps practitioners reach beyond the traditional one-view or one-track approach with an integrated point of treatment.

The Institute’s Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training focuses on how the professional can best address behavioral issues like substance abuse disorder, and gambling as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. With a dynamic real-world approach, the Jean Mone Institute presents a variety of scenarios and cases, always adding in the element of investigation and looking beyond the obvious

In the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy modules, the professional learns how to work with their clients on how to change their thoughts, learn skills and practice behavioral/protocol that will help people in their recovery process. This training specifically provides a solid foundation and specific tools to those in mental health who want to advance their handling day-to-day cases and addiction issues that arise in their clients. All curriculum centers on Jean Mone’s theory based upon practices that are evidence-based, which were developed during her 25 years of serving a variety of specific populations.


Professionals who attend 350 hours of the Substance Abuse Disorder module will qualify for a New York State CASAC-T credential.


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