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Group Sessions

Group counseling sessions offer the opportunity to address issues, provide support or feedback, and encourage interpersonal interaction.

Personal Sessions
Couple Sessions

One on one begins with awareness of one's internal monologue and education of the CBT house. Strategies are developed to counter state thoughts which follow Socratic questioning

This type of session can help your relationship continue to learn, and to understand each other's feelings and thoughts and supply strategies to work through problems.

My Approaches to Therapy


My approach to therapy is educational & supportive,  so the person can walk away with applicable tools for his or her everyday life.
Essentially its a how-to work in progress for self-improvement.
Put more tools in your self-help toolbox for life and you will learn how to change your thoughts and consequently change your life.



Our thoughts come from our beliefs about ourselves and those beliefs can be skewed.Those thoughts and negative self-talk fuel our emotions, which leads to our behavior and unpleasant feelings.

Where is all of this coming from and how can we change it?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that looks at your Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings & Actions and how they affect each other.

Rather than focusing on the past, this type of therapy helps you understand misconceptions that you may have about yourself and use another lens to understand how our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions affect our progress.

CBT provides a framework for you as a total person, and provides an ACTION PLAN.

Jean Mone is one of New York’s most renowned CBT therapist, helping you look through a new lens to devise a plan that will actively help you change the way you act by helping you understand your thoughts and feelings. She will train you to achieve the behavior you wish.


In recent years, more and more psychotherapists have been learning CBT as was to help their clients make short and long-term changes in their lives.

Mone has been practicing CBT for more than 25 years, and through the Jean Mone Institute, she teaches New York’s top professionals methods and practices that have worked very well for her own clients.

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