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"We all have an inner therapist inside ourselves, but most of us have disconnected from the ability to counsel ourselves.

The therapy I provide assists my clients in reconnecting with self- with trust, and using your strengths to find solution" - Jean Mone


Jean Mone, L.C.S.W., has been a prominent psychotherapist with a busy private practice in New York City for more that 25 years and is known for her work in anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, and other addictions. While she uses numerous methods of psychotherapy, Ms. Mone uses a real-world Cognitive Behavioral Approach (CBT) to help her clients make real life changes by looking deeply and honestly at what is going on right now.
Because of her extensive background in addiction therapy, Mone has become known as an expert in co-occurring disorders, which she regularly teaches to other professionals in the health care field.

Mone is known for her work in achieving an actualized life by helping clients develop healthy relationships, achieve career objectives , life  transitions, and energizing creative visions.

A prominent educator and lecturer, she was an Adjunct Faculty member at C.U.N.Y., and has served as chair of N.A.S.W. New York City Chapter Committee on Alcohol and Chemical Dependency. Jean Mone also teaches trainings.

Mone has hosted a call-in radio show in New York City, and has been featured as an expert on addictions on several top rated TV programs including Fox: Good Day New York, MSNBC-TV, CBS-TV Morning Show, Fox Television News and News 12 New Jersey. She has also been interviewed for such magazines as New York magazine, Men’s Health and DASH.

In 1999, The Jean Mone Institute was Founded.


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